Photo of train at Dawlish.
Balcony view photograph.

Getting here

Start your holiday early leave the car at home and take the train!

Pack a picnic, grab seats on the left hand side of the train (facing direction of travel), and if you are coming from a distance / want some more leg room, don't forget to find out about Weekend First - a small additional sum each way gets you in to first class.

Then, suitably settled in, enjoy the ride! The line beyond Exeter offers truly stunning scenery, at one moment running along sea walls at Dawlish, the next climbing the edges of Dartmoor. The highlight? For us it is Brunel's sublime Tamar Bridge.

NOTE1: It is cheaper to book in advance; another way to reduce the cost is to buy a split ticket as there is a fare stage at Plymouth. For example just try comparing a ticket from Taunton to Penzance with tickets from Taunton to Plymouth then Plymouth to Penzance ( You don't have to get off the train, trains work in a weird and wonderful way!

NOTE2: There is a very good shuttle bus service from Penzance rail station to Lands End airport - the cheapest Skybus route. Book this with skybus when booking your flight.

From London: Do it with your eyes closed - after all you have always wondered what it is like to travel by sleeper. The sleeper service from London Paddington is excellent and remarkable value, bringing you to Penzance refreshed and ready for your onward trip to Scilly. There is unfortunately an annoying gap in return sleeper services on Saturdays so for the time being sit on the right hand side of the train and enjoy the view!

The Isles of Scilly Steamship Company provide sea and air routes to St Marys

Skybus -You can now fly from Exeter, Newquay and Lands End. You get a great bird's eye view of the islands as you approach.

From St Mary's airport to the house - We take a taxi - inexpensive and they will bring you to the door - they know where the house is! Contact the TIC for numbers 01720 424031.

The Scillonian - Is a great way to come to the islands but do bear in mind that it is not a huge cross channel ferry with fancy stabilisers and that it does have to run out into the Atlantic - Don't risk the start of a fantastic holiday - take your preferred seasickness remedy - you probably won't need it, but as they only work if taken in advance, why risk it?

You can book a local carrier to bring your luggage to the house leaving you free to start to explore as soon as you get off the boat. Contact Island Carriers 01720 422662.

Driving If you are coming down for the ferry we use Scilly Parking ( Nigel is a jolly nice chap and will look after your car and take you to and from the quay. If you are heading for Lands End airport you could try